Balloons on a Sunday.

Nothing quite says "We are having a party like balloons - Right?"
What happens if your party is on a Sunday?
Well you need Balloons on a Sunday!
Whilst we use Professional Helium quality balloons we guarantee our float time for 16hours (unless you pop them first!) other companies do not. But even with this great guarantee if your party is on a Sunday, You need Balloons on a Sunday!

So where are you going to get balloons on a Sunday?

Win Win Win here!
Win - You can simply book you balloons here today and forget about it - its done!
Win - You get a professional to ensure your balloons are perfect.
Win - You schedule a half hour pick up time window that suits you!  You pick up from our ideally located Tullamarine address.

Simply book here.

On average 50 helium balloons will fit in a standard sized sedan.
We suggest not bringing additional people to pick up the balloons as they take up valuable car space.