Giant 60cm Sempertex Balloons (2foot)

Ooh these 60cm Sempertex balloons are perfect for a birthday party, baby shower, christening, engagement party, wedding or celebration.
Their big size makes them great for many events!
You can even use them to make a organic balloon garland really stand out - with a few specially selected large balloons!

pastel matte 60cm Sempertex

Fill them with helium and they will last approximately 24 hours, or use them as awesome air decor such as on a large balloon column.

Large 60cm Sempertex balloon flaoting table centrepiece

Our online store now has the full colour range of these large Sempertex Balloons listed, so now matter where you are in Australia you can now have quality 60cm Sempertex balloons at your event. We sell them individually uninflated. And we offer the best price - Australia wide - guaranteed!

best price

Choose from Bold standard colours, through Pastel Matte, Metallic and Reflex including Reflex Rose Gold, Reflex Silver and Reflex Gold Sempertex Balloons.

Large Chrome Balloons

Being made from 100% natural latex means your environmental conscious is looked after too.
So if you are looking for giant Sempertex Balloons you've come to the right place - now the choice you have is which is the perfect colour for your event?