Pinterest Balloons hits 5,000,000 repins

Simply select your favourite search engine....
and type the following words "Pinterest Balloons" and hit enter.
Or better still head over to the Pinterest site and then type in "Balloon decorations".

This is what comes up for us.

Pinterest Balloons | Confetti Balloons | Bubble Strands Balloons | Professional Balloon Decor | Balloons Melbourne

While it is going to give you a massive amount of results we are proud to announce that our image of the Large Bubble Strand Balloons and Confetti Balloons that are displayed in our blog article on Balloon Entrance Way Decor and confetti balloons has been re-pinned on pinterest a staggering 5,000,000 times...yes FIVE MILLION TIMES! and as such will probably appear very close to the top. (or even at the top)

When you take into consideration that Pinterest has 175,000,000 million registered users that is every 35 users on Pinterest have re-pinned our picture.

It also explains why when you look at Pinterest boards from around the world in relation to balloon decor our image shows up time and time again.
Such as these from Russia and Israel.

When considering decoration for your next event it costs no more to have a professional team design, and develop and install everything for you so your event might be shown around the world too!