Charity Balloons :- 10,000 wishes

Starlight Charity Foundation | Melbourne | Charity Balloons | Special Event

Starlight’s mission is “To brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families”. Because sick kids are still kids at heart… The Starlight Foundation offers programs both inside and external in hospitals across the country. Recently the Starlight Foundation granted its 10,000th Wish! Starlight’s programs provide a much needed, positive distraction for children and…

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100 days of Prep Special Event Printed Balloons

100 days of Prep | Melbourne | Event balloons

We often set up and are gone by the time guests arrive but recently got this quick note from a primary school where their kids celebrated 100 days of Prep. “Recently our Prep students celebrated 100 days of school. They have been counting the days since their very first day of school back in February,…

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Ceiling Balloon Ideas

Ceiling Balloon Ideas | Melbourne | Magic In The Middle

Ceiling Balloon Ideas for your Event If you plan to have helium ceiling balloons bouncing playfully on the roof at your event space you may be surprised how many you need to order to make a big impact. Before you order your balloons, find out the dimensions of your venue.  The average balloon is about 30cm…

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