Glitter Filled Balloons

Glitter Filled Balloons | Product Launch | Sony Ad | Magic In The Middle

Glitter Filled Balloons Watch 4,000 Balloons filled with glitter explode – Because you know you want to! To promote the brand’s new television offering, Sony put together a commercial using 4,000 white balloons filled with a combined 1,500 kilograms of glitter, naturally. The contagiously charming video then shows what happens when you pop all of…

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Foxtel Kids Product Launch

Foxtel Kids Product Lauch | Melbourne | Magic In The Middle

When Australia’s leading pay TV provider wanted to launch their new super safe kid friendly app they wanted to let their staff know how cool this new app was before the general public got to see it. Where does Foxtel turn when they need a fun product launch? The answer is Magic in the Middle.…

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Pool Décor Like Clockwork.

Pool Decor | Balloons Melbourne | Magic In The Middle

  Melbourne is world famous for its weather, and around this time of year Mother Nature often gives us one or two days of hot weather to remind us that summer in Melbourne is coming! Without fail as these warmer days are upon us the phone rings, the emails start “we are having a party…

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Themed Party Balloon Decorations

Themed Party Balloons | Melbourne | Magic In The Middle

If you want your party to have impact, the best way to decorate a drab looking venue is to pick a theme and go large. Themed party balloon decorations do more than set a scene. If done properly, they transport guests to wherever and whenever in time and space you wish them to be. Consider…

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Ceiling Balloon Ideas

Ceiling Balloon Ideas | Melbourne | Magic In The Middle

Ceiling Balloon Ideas for your Event If you plan to have helium ceiling balloons bouncing playfully on the roof at your event space you may be surprised how many you need to order to make a big impact. Before you order your balloons, find out the dimensions of your venue.  The average balloon is about 30cm…

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