Entrance Decor – Organic Bubble Strand Balloons

Entrance Decor Aerial South Wharf Melbourne | Organic Bubble Strand Balloons

Organic Bubble Strand Balloons Create a Grand Entrance!

We recently provided entrance decor for The team from The Style Shed. The brief was to create a magical entrance. They wanted to captivate the guests on arrival at the event.

There's nothing like a grand entrance to let you know you've arrived at an event. Guests often have to wait until they are inside an event venue before feeling they are in for a magical night. But not always!

The venue, Aerial, is in Melbourne’s South wharf precinct. It has a luxurious event space, and was hosting a Bar Mitzvah on the 1st floor. Access was via a staircase, or lift. By lining the staircase with balloons, we turned the staircase into a grand entrance!

Entrance Decor

Ten bubble strands lined each side of the staircase to create an amazing effect. A bubble strand is a line of balloons of different sizes. Just as real bubbles vary in size, so too do these. The strand begins with smaller balloons at the bottom, working up to larger balloons at the top. The organic nature of the balloon bubbles, is further enhanced with varied colours. A combination of white, pearl white and clear balloons in this case. The effect was stunning!

A feature of Aerial is a large projection wall. This can accommodate either moving video or still images.

To compete the grand entrance, the wall displayed a welcome message for the guests. This was alternated with a picture of the host family. Blue, aqua and green washed lighting gave a sense of underwater serenity to complete the look. There is little doubt that each guest had the feeling they were in for a grand evening as they arrived.