Schools and Events

My Best Buddies are great option for school or event fundraising. There are 3 options:

Flat-Rate Site Hire

When an organisation requests a Flat-Rate Site hire, the team at My Best Buddies pay a set fee and provide ALL components required by My Best Buddies to run the stall, including staff, stock and helium. The organisation handles all site allocation, event advertising, and promotion. Any profit made by My Best Buddies on the day remains My Best Buddies to keep.

Under the Flat-Rate Hire format, the organizer can earn well, however the organizer is also aware that should My Best Buddies have a good day no additional payments will be made above the agreed upon Flat Rate Site Hire fee, but if its quiet then My Best Buddies has all the risk.

Commission Hire

The no-risk alternative to Flat-Rate Hire, is the Commission Hire, whereby My Best Buddies supplies and runs the exciting stall that is My Best Buddies at no cost. The two parties share in profits at the completion of the event, Total Buddies sold are distributed on an 85/15 basis i.e My Best Buddies receives 85% of total ticket sales, with the event organiser receiving 15%, or a little over $1for EACH and EVERY My Best Buddies sold.

The Commission format has become the preferred option for many schools and community groups, due to the limited risk involved and the increased exposure to greater income.

Self Sell Option.

This option gives the organizer the highest possible reward from My Best Buddies but alongside this greater reward is a greater risk. An agreed upon number of Buddies is supplied and delivered by My Best Buddies to the organizer on the day of their event. The organizer pays a set fee for each of the Buddies delivered payable upon delivery and then runs a stall / sales team and sells the Buddies at a higher price. The organizer keeps all proceeds. Any unsold Buddies remain the property of the organizer. If you have a strong and motivated volunteer base this is a great way to achieve great results.


A fun way to make some serious money

If you are looking for a new fresh fun way to make some serious money then look no further than My Best Buddies.

There are plenty of events for all including Markets, festivals, fairs, agricultural shows, school fetes, farm fests, and so much more.

We are looking for distributors and sales people throughout Australia, and overseas. Become a distributor now for this eye-catching, exciting NEW product; first in, best dressed!). Australian owned and operated. we have introductory packages to get you started and all the information you need.

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