26cm x 24cm Ribbed Martini Glass Vase

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Glass vases bring a classy and sophisticated look to any event table. They can be used as a focal point in the centre of your table or can be spread around the table offering each guest a unique display.


Height: 26cm (total)

Width of mouth of bowl: 24cm

Width of base: 13cm

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The vases are made of clear glass in the shape of a classic Martini glass. They stand at 26cm high – perfect to create a focal point that cannot be missed in the centre of your table. The top of the glass is an oversized 24cm wide. The vase has a long stem and a sturdy round base, ensuring that it stands firmly on the table and will not topple over.

You can fill the vases with anything that takes your fancy and enhances the theme of your event. Show off a beautiful display of flowers or a collection of pot pourri.
For an evening event, light up your tables by filling the glasses with coloured water and floating tea light candles.
You can also use our Clear Ice Crystal Beads – they shimmer, shine and reflect the light, creating a magical ambience.
Add aroma to your reception venue hall by filling the vases with rose petals, fragrant oils or fragrant tea light candles.

The vases are a cost effective choice that won’t break your budget.
They come boxes of 6 and are individually wrapped with a foam protection to prevent damage during shipping.

Purchase 6 units get 5% discount
Purchase 12 units get 10% discount
Purchase 36 units get 20% discount

*Please note we can not ship vases to every location within Australia, as we can only freight where insurance cover is available.