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Balloon Drops / Balloon Cascades

Balloon Drops / Cascades

Are you having a special event that includes a countdown, a significant moment or a grand opening?

It's unanimous - Nothing is more spectacular and effective than a classic balloon drop.

Balloon drops, or Balloon cascades as they are also known, make the climatic moment of your event spectacular; creating excitement and impact.

Net drops double as ceiling decor while they produce heightened anticipation of the dramatic drop to come.

Excite your guests and create a real atmosphere of celebration when balloons come cascading down from above covering everything and everyone.

Not all balloon drops are the same - executing a successful balloon drop takes professional experience so when it has to work on time every time - contact Magic in the Middle.

From 150 to 150,000+ balloons why not contact Magic in the Middle to discuss your options?

Read all about real life experiences here:-

Organic Balloon Decor at Dinner Party

Looking for a fun way to add a splash of color to an event and/or make a serious statement with décor? Always, right?! Then Organic Balloon Decor may be what you are looking for! We here at Magic in the Middle believe that with a little bit of creativity, teamwork, and a vision — you…

Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games are coming in 2018 and the countdown is on! Featuring 18 sports and the largest integrated para-sports program in Commonwealth Games history, this will be an unmissable event on the Australia sporting calendar. The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games utilizes venues around the Gold Coast and in Brisbane itself, there has…

Geronimo visits Melbourne

The second annual Melbourne design week is just finishing up — Good design can be complex, but it has a simple, common thread – the power to bring about feelings of wonder and inspire curiosity. This idea has been the driving force behind a collaboration with LA-based balloon artist Geronimo and hub furniture, which headlined…

Pinterest Balloons hits 5,000,000 repins

Simply select your favourite search engine…. and type the following words “Pinterest Balloons” and hit enter.Or better still head over to the Pinterest site and then type in “Balloon decorations”. This is what comes up for us. While it is going to give you a massive amount of results we are proud to announce that…

Gala Awards Event

Whilst January brings a new year it also means the end of another, and with it a mental time to look back and access many things; possibly an individual’s family life, or ones’ business, or to set goals for the future or maybe a bit of both. It also is the time for Gala Awards…

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