Balloon Drops / Balloon Cascades

Balloon Drops / Cascades

Are you having a special event that includes a countdown, a significant moment or a grand opening?

It's unanimous - Nothing is more spectacular and effective than a classic balloon drop.

Balloon drops, or Balloon cascades as they are also known, make the climatic moment of your event spectacular; creating excitement and impact.

Net drops double as ceiling decor while they produce heightened anticipation of the dramatic drop to come.

Excite your guests and create a real atmosphere of celebration when balloons come cascading down from above covering everything and everyone.

Not all balloon drops are the same - executing a successful balloon drop takes professional experience so when it has to work on time every time - contact Magic in the Middle.

From 150 to 150,000+ balloons why not contact Magic in the Middle to discuss your options?

Read all about real life experiences here:-

Space Parties are Out of this World!

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Balloons on a Sunday.

Nothing quite says “We are having a party like balloons – Right?” What happens if your party is on a Sunday? Well you need Balloons on a Sunday! Whilst we use Professional Helium quality balloons we guarantee our float time for 16hours (unless you pop them first!) other companies do not. But even with this…

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A message regarding creative businesses – in particular Balloon Artistry.

Referencing, Plagiarism, False advertising and Search engine Optimization What we have learnt in the Balloon world! Part 1. Last week in Australia many final year high school students sat their English exams. Opening to page one it read …citing examples describe how… Next week it is the time for the Biology students. While we haven’t…

Wedding confetti balloons and wedding confetti

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