100 days of Prep Special Event Printed Balloons

100 days of Prep | Event balloons

We often set up and are gone by the time guests arrive but recently got this quick note from a primary school where their kids celebrated 100 days of Prep.

“Recently our Prep students celebrated 100 days of school. They have been counting the days since their very first day of school back in February, and so it was certainly a much-anticipated day!

The day started with the Preps leading a count to 100 in front of the whole school community at assembly. The Preps made ‘100 Days’ crowns, imagined and drew a picture of themselves at 100 years old, drew 100 items in a giant 100, and counted and threaded 100 Cheerios to make an edible necklace. After lunch they tucked into fairy bread (made with 100s and 1000s, of course) and received a certificate to remember their special day and one on of your much coveted ‘100’ printed balloons. Students had all brought in 100 items for Show and Tell, ranging from 100 pieces of pasta, to 100 beads – and everything in between.

We are very proud of all they have achieved in just 100 days – and look forward to seeing what they’ll do in the next 100!

Thanks for being part of the fun – see you next year!”

Have you got an exciting way to celebrate 100 days of Prep?
Let us know we would love to hear about it.
In the meantime here are some fun photos from other schools celebrations.