Ceiling Balloon Ideas

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Ceiling Balloon Ideas for your Event

If you plan to have helium ceiling balloons bouncing playfully on the roof at your event space you may be surprised how many you need to order to make a big impact.

Before you order your balloons, find out the dimensions of your venue.  The average balloon is about 30cm in diameter but you will obviously need less if you order giant-size balloons. However, as the size of the balloons increase, so does the price of each balloon.

Calculating The Number of Ceiling Balloons Required

For single helium balloons there is an easy formula to calculate how many balloons you should order. Simply multiply the length of the room by the width of the room and multiply by 10, 7 or 5.

If you want to absolutely blanket the ceiling in balloons so you can't even see the ceiling anymore, multiply the length in metres x width in metres x 10.

Multiplying it by 7 will give you a good coverage for a dance-floor effect and multiplying by 5 gives you a scatted feel for boardrooms or really large areas.

It can also look very elegant with tulle ribbon instead of standard curling ribbon or really festive with extra ribbon attached and curled.

Sometimes a theme, venue or budget can mean that other options are more appropriate, for example:

If the ceiling is very high, all your decoration will be up there where people don't spend all night (or day) looking.  Instead use floor bouquets (balloons attached to weights) or other decor, the likes of columns or arches, the balloons are in the eyesight of the viewer and aid in filling the venue with movement, colour and WOW.

If you really want to put balloons on a high ceiling, long ribbons down to the height of your guests head will fill in the space and draw the eye up to the decor. Adding accents of small little balloons, customized number/letter/shape cut-outs can also continue the events theme.

For larger venues, or for something a little different, our artistic triplets utilise the largest part of the balloon and create decorative positive and negative space. This may well be a more cost effective party ceiling treatment. We can utilise shimmer curtain, number cut outs or little bubble balloons to bring the party down to eye level.

For that floral themed or inspired event we can even make large balloon flowers for the ceiling,

So don’t just think loose single helium balloons when decorating the ceiling – contact us to discuss your chosen event spaces requirements.