Neon Balloons – Glow at any party!


Working in the special events and decoration industry must be the best fun!
Notice the exclamation mark not a question mark at the end of that sentence.

We get ‘told’ this all the time.

Truth be told “Yeah we love our job”! Sometimes the stress of the clients demands, unrealistic time lines and working with balloons – a product that due to it fragility which is its biggest strength and its biggest weakness.

But all that aside when you let go you really can let go.
Recently our friend Paul and his team at The Party Hut in Queensland released a video which to us showed that even those who work with balloons all day every day can have their inner child released very quickly simply by the power of balloons.

Enjoy…and try not to smile!

This video got us thinking – Just how cool are neon balloons!
While they are made to have a black light on them they look great even without the black light.

Here is some images of neon balloons some done by us, and some by others worldwide, see what you think.

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