Pool Décor Like Clockwork.


Melbourne is world famous for its weather, and around this time of year Mother Nature often gives us one or two days of hot weather to remind us that summer in Melbourne is coming!

Without fail as these warmer days are upon us the phone rings, the emails start “we are having a party and would like to decorate our pool”, then the weather calms down for a few short weeks and then Melbourne’s scorching summer takes hold.

When summer does hit and it is a home based event – the pool take centre stage.

Very much like other event décor pool décor has changed over the years, however unlike other event décor, the layout of your pool and surrounding area may lend itself to a particular style of design.

Some design ideas:-

Simply fill your pool with your chosen themed colour balloons.

Utilize multiple sized white balloons, complete with glow sticks or internal lights to create an unique experience.

There is nothing to say the balloons must be in the pool for them to be a decorative feature!!!

Envision a theme and create a sense of transportation to this theme by projecting coloured or white light to create interesting shadows and contrast.

Highlight particular components of your pool area by forming significant decorative elements such as large arches.

Or make your pool the centre with interesting pool centrepieces

or go grand and have a significant sculpture with your pool as the back drop.

Or you can follow with the overall on-trend look at the moment and decorate with organic pastel colours.

Or incorporate an organic design into the event décor.

Whatever the event, theme or size of the pool we can help you make your event special. Contact us today.