Themed Party Balloon Decorations

Themed Party Balloons | Melbourne | Magic In The Middle

If you want your party to have impact, the best way to decorate a drab looking venue is to pick a theme and go large.

Themed party balloon decorations do more than set a scene. If done properly, they transport guests to wherever and whenever in time and space you wish them to be.

Consider this jungle themed event. Ss guests walk into the room they are greeted by cheeky monkeys swinging from a balloon arch complete with balloon vines. As they venture deeper into the venue, massive blocks of green columns reach for the sky causing a feeling of complete submersion into a great thick forest. These cleverly hide the sporting club honour boards hanging from the wall and frame the stage for later events. A large balloon photograph frame wall complete with more small monkeys, a large standing monkey, palm trees and a lush forest make the perfect backdrop for those wishing to take photographs to mark the celebration.

Dinner was served on environmentally sustainable free fallen palm leaf plates comprising of fresh garden salad with pineapple and mango dressing, classic creamy coleslaw, a beetroot, apple and coriander salad accompanied by the crowd favourite macaroni and cheese with wild parsley. Guests could choose between Smokey Jack Daniels glazed brisket with a small batch messmate barbeque sauce or cinnamon and paprika pulled pork, with delicious pork crackling topped with Bacchus Marsh Apple sauce.

The jungle theming flowed over to the selection at the bar with Tiger, Carlsberg Elephant, Fat Yak and Mountain Goat beers all available.  A popular choice was ‘Jungle Juice’ which was a fabulous combination of bitters, carbonated water and fresh fruit juices.

Once the Happy Birthday festivities were completed the forest walls were moved to display an impressive selection of cakes and slices, including coconut ice, hedgehog, jungle inspired cupcakes and six different topped cheesecakes. At the other end of the stage the jungle gave way to an inspired candy buffet complete with snakes, apple flavoured vine straps, bananas, grubs, and mint leaves.

Guests played Jungle Jenga and made memories in the on site photo booth till the wee hours of the morning.