JHC Newborn Photography

Photo shoot balloons

Over 15 years ago when we started as a family based business we converted a bedroom in our house to be a storage space/work room/office, really everything had to fit in that tiny space!

Fast forward to today and the fact we operate out of the large warehouse space some would think we are spoilt for space! (NOT SO!!)

When we first started we took every opportunity to be creative, to work with other mediums and other people, to work in as many locations and with as many themes as possible. Staged photo shoots weren't something we immediately thought of. Fast forward and our client base has developed dramatically and our events and decorations have grown, recently it was really awesome to hear a family who we met through doing this ‘job’ have started their own family based home business.

Knowing how hard it is to get off the ground we thought we might highlight their business here and suggest you too give a family owned and operated small business the possibility, and get a couple of cool photos at the same time!

JHC Newborn Photography based in Caroline Springs can be contacted via their website www.jhcnewbornphotography.com.au or through their Facebook page.

In this day and age I don’t need to extoll the virtues to everyone, who is also a consumer, on why it is great to support small family locally operated businesses rather than the large multi nationals when you can, but I will point out that the community contacts and future benefits to your own life and job may be something you haven’t thought of – afterall we met JHC through our work!