Confetti Balloons

Confetti Balloons | Melbourne | Magic In The Middle

Confetti balloons are the biggest trend in the balloon world right now. Thanks to Pinterest we have seen a huge increase in the demand for helium filled confetti balloons.

Overnight it seems everyone who has ever had a party opened an online store and started selling confetti balloons.

The only concern we have with this trend is they don’t have the expertise to know what confetti is required, and how much confetti is required. After all, do you know the lift capability of a 90cm balloon?
Anyone can cook, but when you want a professional quality meal you get a chef to cook for you.

Anyone can inflate balloons, but precise sizing is a professional skill.

We just adore oversized balloons, using them whenever we can, and in doing so we have become one of Australia’s premier large balloon decorators.

Confetti balloons and tassels are a fun party element, and we saw early on that these balloons were sophisticated enough to cross over into other events like weddings and corporate events. We are now seeing a shift with many being utilized for gender reveals and fun themed events.

Do you have an event that Confetti Balloons could look amazing at? We’d love to help you or discuss possible ideas that could make your event really POP.