Organic Balloon Decor at Dinner Party

Looking for a fun way to add a splash of color to an event and/or make a serious statement with décor? Always, right?! Then Organic Balloon Decor may be what you are looking for!
We here at Magic in the Middle believe that with a little bit of creativity, teamwork, and a vision — you can transform any space into a masterpiece (and on a budget!). Perfect for an elopement reception party, bridal shower, wedding backdrop, a birthday party, or pretty much any other kind of event, we’re really keen on colourful Organic Balloon Decor installations!
Like this one....

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This sort of organic balloon arrangement doesn't just happen DO IT YOURSELF Style. It requires the talents of an experienced team of balloon professionals and some venue operators who allow the likes of us (professional decorators) to bring their venues to bloom, with living breathing sculptures.
This vibrant and colorful large scale organic balloon inspiration installation (approximately 7metres long) formed what was the background to a colorful, simple and very pretty table setting. Complemented by some amazing food, guests to this event from the moment they walked into the room knew they were in for something special.

Balloons can SERIOUSLY transform a space in a big way!
We love the use of different sizes to create more interest and a bit of texture to the overall arch.
Can you imagine how cool this would be in an array of different colors? We can!!

Organic Balloon Decor also lends itself perfectly to incorporate live foliage, or blooms, paper honeycomb balls or even mirrored disco balls if your theme calls for it.
So, if you are looking for a way to transform a room or venue and want guests to be talking about your event well after the initial glow of being part has worn off - we definitely think the addition of a organic balloon arch is such a piece.
A statement piece like this ranges in price but be prepared to factor more dollars per metre than a classical design, with floral, paper or confetti balloon accents additional. Also worthy of noting this takes a LONG time to assemble on site, the venue must be able to provide a prolonged set up time - otherwise we need to discuss alternatives.

We would love to hear your ideas and thoughts on Organic Balloon Decor, lets discuss your colours and requirements so we can create a sophisticated and edgy design perfect not only for the likes of your at home 50th birthday party, but also for weddings or even your high-end corporate functions.

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