Organic Balloon Arches

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Balloon Arches

In 2016 the must have trend for balloons arches was to mix balloons with floral accompaniments. Whether it was simple greenery or colourful flowers and paper decorations, balloon arches have never looked so glamorous!

Organic Styled Balloons

Then the classical arch gave way to a more organic style balloons. This lovely art form gives more freedom to use shape, texture and movement as a medium to not just theme an event, but act as a social expression.

It can be quite a challenge to find the right balance with this organic style. So often we are asked and trained for uniformity and strict forms, whereas organics is so much more fluid.

Organic Balloon Garlands

Traditionally the classic balloon arch was used as entrance way décor or as a backdrop, however, with Organic Balloon Garlands there are no limits.

Focal backdrops, bar decoration, and food servery decoration allow for almost anything.

Teaming up with Ivy & Eve Flowers ( in South Melbourne to combine these elements to create this amazing DJ focal décor point backdrop was so much fun, that it spilled over into other areas of the event!

Whatever we did it had to look stunning to momentarily draw guest’s eyes away from the breathtaking view Carousal Albert Park has of Melbourne’s skyline.

This was another collaboration with styling by Charlene and the team from The Style Shed (

As the Bar mitvah being celebrated was for a sporting young man –Tennis, Gridiron, Basketball customized jumbo balloons we created especially customized to fit in with the theme and tie in with the other decorations present.

Our thoughts – We ACED it! No matter your age 15, 30 or 40 you’ll love what we can do with organic garlands.