Mr and Mrs Printed Balloons

Mr and Mrs Printed Balloons | Melbourne | Australia | Magic In The Middle

At Magic in the Middle we strive to offer our discerning customers an experience that is unique to their taste, style and budget. We are style setters and as such do not want to be  limited to ‘what is available’ through mainstream suppliers. This philosophy gives us a broader scope to create and deliver on the envisioned event.

While you will find Mr and Mrs printed balloons do exist in the marketplace, they are for sale from stylists – not event decorators, therefore they are expensive, come with a raft of small problems and simply never handled by the person who sells them.

Exclusive Mr & Mrs Printed Balloons Design

Recently we paired with the Sydney team at Balloons Online (link) / Balloon crew and designed and developed our own exclusive Mr & Mrs 90cm design.

Feature of these balloons include:-

  • Improved readability over existing products
  • Accurate font sizing compared to others available. Other suppliers the Mr (which has two letters) is larger than the Mrs (which has three letters)
  • Double sided print – to ensure no matter, which way the balloons twist, the message is loud and clear.
  • Full 90cm construction. Larger balloon = larger impact and they look better for longer!
  • Manufactured in the USA

As these balloons are a unique custom design numbers are limited and exclusive to us.

They are also another great example of why working with a professional event decorator is critical compared to the local suburban party store staffed by casual teenagers, and why many of Australia’s best event managers choose to work with the team at Magic in the Middle.